There are several ways to receive assistance with your Berg Builds projects and sites. Throughout Fall 2020, we will maintain an additional set of resources to support online learning at:

Knowledge Base

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to everything from getting started and selecting your domain name, installing applications like WordPress, creating subdomains, and even migrating to your own web host after graduation.  You can check out this resource at: 

Digital Learning Assistants

Peer-learning support is available for all your digital learning projects and assignments.  Digital Learning Assistants (DLAs) are available for virtual appointments.  Please consult the schedule below.


Drop-In Zoom:

Weekly Workshop Schedule:

By Appointment

All meetings throughout Fall 2020 will be virtual. If the DLA availability specified above presents a problem, please reach out directly via email (listed in the schedule above), or reach out to Tim Clarke ( to schedule a virtual appointment.